1. AB, "Romans 13:9For this, Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not kill, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness, Thou shalt not covet; and if there be any other commandment, it is briefly comprehended in this saying, namely, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself."Thanks, ab. I didn't know you knew much about the bible. All the answers are there. Too bad so many humans misunderstand the truth. I guess their sick mean-spirited ego gets the best of them.

  2. "We can't blame him. And we can't save the US at this point. The left has succeeded in electing a new people."I don't buy that. 72% of the votes are votes from white people, with only a 58-40 split. If we had even the racial solidarity of latinos, the GOP would have won. If the GOP had fielded a candidate who actually threw their base (i.e. white people) a bone, perhaps white people would vote for them.Maybe we are sick of eating shit sandwiches? The whole thing, the political parties, the media, disgusts me.

  3. My thought: Create a community of like-minded individuals with whom I/you can laugh. I'm naturally timid–so much that I can hide myself away in my apartment for days on end if I'm not diligent. I need people I can laugh with–especially about myself (I'm a clutz). True laughter is the opposite of judging–and since creative types are always judging, always pushing to become better, it helps to have a counterpoint. Laughter is serious, too! In real life, I have this with my writer partner. In my internet life, I seek out people who laugh through images and words–like here, at Advanced Style.

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  6. NOUREDDINE > Autant dire que DSK est à l’origine du coup monté : ne pouvant démissionner de la présidence du FMI pour devenir candidat aux présidentielles.En effet ses opposants auraient tôt ou tard argués que l’on ne peut faire confiance à quelqu’un, à qui mandat avec des responsabilités très importantes est donné, démissionnant car ayant trouvé un poste plus intéressant.Qu’il risque de démissionner de son mandat présidentiel au bout de 2 ou 3 ans.

  7. Nous nous trouvons devant un candidat Républicain disant : « Nous parlons de la Libye ? Parce qu’on peut se tromper… » En un mot, il vient de détruire la politique étrangère d’Obama. Et quand son conseiller dit qu’il s’informe dix minutes ou qq heures par jour de la politique internationale, c’est pour nous rappeler que l’Amérique pense d’abord à elle-même… Mais, c’est un peu naturel ! En tout cas, c’est une leçon à méditer.

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  9. Hi Kim,Your comment gave me such relief! Figuring out how to get where I want is always a struggle for me – despite what I wrote. Your words make it really clear why this happens: I couldn’t have said it better. I see a new article coming…. And by the way, I really like how your blog, , helps people in the creative arts blend together their business and their spirit.

  10. Gerson / Isto é um absurdo, com cofre ou não a hora que chegar o dia final os cientistas e o cofre vão tudo para o espaço, isto é falta de conhecimento teológico.., estes cientistas idiótas deveriam é estudar…Gostei deste comentário ou não: 2

  11. Thanks for the great comments, everyone.Juliet, Christina and Jan, you tapped into something I’ve been thinking about too: We have to set ourselves up for success. Unplug the Internet ahead of time, refuse to carry the phone that beeps us whenever someone sends us an email or a Tweet, work on the computer that doesn’t have Internet access, etc… I apply this rule to my life all of the time when it comes to grocery shopping. I am smart at the store, because if I have a bag of chips on the kitchen counter, I will eat them. I think this situation is a little like that, too.Like? 0

  12. The ultimate goal of grief is not to not feel sad about the loss of our loved ones. The goal is to accept the loss, feel the pain, yet move forward in life and allow healing to happen by acknowledging our feelings and going through the grieving process.

  13. , but…1) How is the new album different from previous albums, i.e. “darker?” What are some of your favorite tracks from this records and what inspired/influenced you in writing them? Does faith play a part at all? 2) Have there been conflicts with writing/performing for Anchor & Braille? 3) Any idea if future (indie) movies will be using your music? I know the christian horror film “House” featured some of your songs.

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  15. Ouais, la seule différence entre moi (2d) et le Sartorialist c'est qu'il a pas épousaillé « Sarah babille »… il lui reste des pépettes en fin de mois pour se faire un look, lui ! Démuni… et chauve… à la vue des photos collectionnées, t'as pas épousé Chabal non plus

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  22. I love that first shot, what a beautiful and expressive baby. Trying to learn from my notes i took when you were here is not as easy as I thought it would be, I relaly just need to practive and maybe take a class.

  23. I liked the one where it’s black/white photo and you are looking over your shoulder and your tattoo is showing. I liked the one where you are sitting on steps and sorta leaning but looking between the rails. I too liked the one where you are sitting on sidewalk, with your face resting on your hand. HARD TO PICK WHEN THE SUBJECT IS BEAUTIFUL !!love, Aunt Jane

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  210. tyvärr ett ointressant inlägg av din kompis. får mig inte att ändra åsikt precis. Förra veckan var jag på svenska ambassaden och röstade tillsammans med mina vänner. Vi röstade på SD. Sverige borde lära sig av andra länders utrikespolitik. Det finns en anledning till allt. Jag respeterar dig, broten. Du är jätterolig och talangfull, men jag har min åsikt och du har din, jag hoppas du också gjort ditt rätta val.Kram!

  211. वटवृक्ष के नीचे से जब क्षितिज देखा तो लगा ..दुनिया में कुछ नहीं इन आंखों में दोष थाहर झूठ मुझको सच ही लगता रहा यहां।

  212. Woman are fine as long as they are useful to governments and movements. Other than that they are thrown to the side.Rape is the result of depraved men with utter disrespect and disregard for the humanity of woman. It comes from hatred and sexism. Perhaps instituting rape for rape as in eye for eye might be of value. Let them have it in return complete with beating and savagery.

  213. Comment est-il possible d’éviter la question des gains incroyables accordés à ces gamins alors qu’un professeur, un chercheur, un écrivain ou un architecte rament de plus en plus dans cette société marchande et ignorante…?Savez-vous qu’un Gasquet, qui affirme que c’est le tennis qui l’a choisit et non l’inverse, a déjà gagné à l’âge de 24 ans plus de 4,5 M de dollars? (source site Roland Garros).J’aime le tennis, d’abord parce ce que c’est un jeu.

  214. Amazing message, Aj. For those who long to see “stick it out” and see positive change in their marriages, they need to get out of danger in the meantime. At least they would not be harmed (or killed) while trying to seek help. You are a precious treasure, and a much-needed voice for those suffering domestic violence. I join you in being completely blown away at how much of this is going on IN the Church! What a horrible perversion of God’s plan for His Body! Love you, my friend.

  215. I think in any situation – this is SO valid. SO true. The line between sadness, melancholy and depression.. is choice. And being able to step outside of the situation to look at what may be fuzzy but more positive than the negatives we are currently dwelling on. This might be a post I should come back to now and then to remember the blessings.

  216. Michael,There are certainly a few people thinking along the same lines as us at the moment. One of the most important challenges will be to integrate the various collaborative approaches to scientific communication. They need to talk to each other seamlessly. I’m putting a lot of faith in the fact that we are going to be working on an open source publishing platform to help achieve this.Chris

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  218. Ljuuvliga rosor!!Håller så med de andra som skriver att Du är lika söt och vacker "naturlig"!! Någon skrev att du verkar vara så snäll, glad och rolig och precis det ahr jag tänkt så många gånger!!En riktigt PÄRLA!!Hoppas att det går bra med presentletandet:-)Ha en underbar helg och tusen tack för att Du förgyller tillvaron så med världens bästa blogg!!!Kram Anna.S i Uppsala

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  220. Bummer that you had this kind of frustrating experience. However, I'd strongly suggest writing a letter to the owner of the store. Boycotting a store simply by not shopping there is probably not very effective, unless you (a) rally lots of people to also boycott it or (b) communicate to the store owner(s) why they lost your business.So boycott away… but let them know why you are.Sez me…-Dan

  221. Just to pull you up on one point: I get the feeling from the blurbs I've been reading that what McLauchlan wants us to get 'passionate' about is more income redistribution. No thanks.And while it's commendable to launch into politicians, he's pretty much against 'business types'.Just more Statism.

  222. Vast earmarks? Earmarks constitute less than 2% of the federal budget and are a convenient scapegoat for people who say they want to reduce the deficit, but really are only interested in cutting taxes on the wealthy. We’re going to need to dig a lot deeper than that. We could start by stopping our bitching about historically low tax rates and paying for the two unfunded wars that we started.

  223. "It is difficult to believe that Inuit are not any more intelligent than equatorial Amerindians given the challenges posed by their environment."The Inuit or Arab desert-dwellers or a dozen other groups living in hostile environments have the *same* challenges all year round.I think the distinction, if there is one, is a *changing* hostile environment over a yearly cycle.The peak line for this might run something like Finland to Japan.