1. Hi Anton,Its great to read how your approach and your overall mindset to mountain running is evolving. Will this mean that your work with NB will also evolve to encompass something more like an approach/mountain racer shoe hybrid to handle the trickier scrambling moves or do you find the MT110 to be sufficient for grip? Best wishes for Cavall, have fun.

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  3. Don’t know if I can be there on the Friday, but will you be there over the weekend? I have put myself down as a guest speaker and it would be lovely to see you again all these miles from Atyrau.Love the photo at the top of the page which I think I am right in saying is the road up to Lake Sayram – I rode along there a year before in the opposite direction!Megan

  4. Since the history in NJ is to NOT punish anyone severely for corruption, my guess is the state will forget about the other 12 charges and give her a slap on the wrist. Since the judges are appointed by the corrupt, they know the game is to do the least amount possible about corruption.

  5. Referitor la articol :Spuneti ca andrenalina care nu se neutralizeaza ramine in corp si creeaza o stare de tensiune .Daca e sa ne gindim la situatia , destul de frecventa , cind conducem cu viteza , apare un pericol – adrenalina , apoi reactia si totul se termina ( cu bine ) in citeva secunde sau chiar mai putin.credeti ca dupa un asemenea episod , ( cu un consum de energie destul de redus , dai de citeva ori de volan sau pui o frina ) ramine o tensiune in corp si dupa mai multe ore de condus in acest fel se genereaza o stare de stres , sau e o situatie fara urmari la acest nivel.

  6. A party of 10 came to the Tea Room on 2 Sept and had a marvellous time, with Glen Milller playing softly in the background, good food and cheerful service.Now that we have found you (after living in Drymen for 30 years) we will be back on a less rainy day for walking.Thank you!

  7. Hi Mr Preston! It’s such a “pleasure” to read your Blog…it brings important information that continues to inspire me. I saw photos of a “wedding reception” that included “flowers and fresh fruit”……….It was beautiful! Can you maybe include ideas in your next book about fruit and flower arrangements…………..Well take care and may “God” continue his wonderful blessings upon you and your talent………….from Ms Sharon J

  8. Gosh, You’re so purdy Lastime Dwight was away for a week, I lost 5 lbs…What’s with them leaving that finally gives us the incentive? And when we re-united it was like a honeymoon all over again. (Is that one of those things I should’ve just kept to myself? .. hey, just keepin it real and giving you somethin’ to look forward to! )

  9. One thing that intrigues me, anyhow, is the second Native American component and the apparent consistent presence of both NA components among Europeans since K=3. Is it Siberian legacy or some sort of random noise? No, Maju, it just shows how incompetent this group of scientists are in completely separating Europeans from Native Americans (also from sub-Saharan Africans looking at the sub-Saharan African components among Europeans). Of all the inter-continental STRUCTURE analyses I've seen so far that includes Europeans, this is the worst in this respect.

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  11. I know middle school Algebra 1 and Geometry fulfill two of the three years of required high school math (if the student passes the courses and scores Proficient or Advanced on the Star tests for those subjects), but do they also count towards the 230 credits required for high school graduation? (So… 220 credits remaining for those entering 9th grade who have fulfilled the Algebra 1 requirement, and 210 remaining for those who have met the requirements for both courses?) Thanks.

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  19. I think it will be hard to find a rideable wave bigger than what is being ridden at the moment. Pete Cabrinha’s 70 ft. left at Jaws a couple of years ago was the biggest, and actually seems bigger than Parsons’ wave here, so we haven’t really moved up immensely since then. Once it gets bigger than that size the conditions need to be so perfect that the probability of a wave being rideable is small. Who knows though?!

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  21. The instructor might not know what you’re talking about. But if you can find an Alexander Technique teacher, especially one that knows anything about swimming, they will. Think of relaxing your neck and letting the water support your head. As you kick think of the top of your head pointing where you want to go and look down at the pool floor. This way you undo twisting in your back which might be the cause of the screw kick.

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  26. The dough is really thick and I thought it was dry too, but after a few more seconds of mixing it came together. Why yours didn’t come together could be any number of things—solidity of your butter, size of your egg, too much flour, room temperature, etc. Adding a few tablespoons of milk was totally justified though—I considered it myself. Hope they turned out in the end!

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  34. Thanks for reading! Tracy told me you posted so I hurried over to read. Try looking in the organic section of the grocery store for the tahini – I know Kroger keeps a few brands in that section. Smoked paprika would be an excellent addition to this, and I’ve made a black bean version that has some cumin in it (it’s very good).We use the magic bullet to make ours, too – it’s perfect for getting it nice and creamy. I’m glad you tried making it!

  35. Maybe Bilbo is just confused by the sound bites and hasn’t looked at the detail.e.g “territories should have the same rights as states” sounds a fine ideal, but what is the real agenda? And why aren’t territories the same as states? History plays a part here that the Greens don’t articulate either.

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  58. I love Wuthering Heights but I cannot for the life of me conceive of how anybody can think of Cathy and Heathcliff as normal. Or sane. I always sort of think of them as forces of nature incarnate, because they’re simply not human in their intensity. One of my editions has an introduction that tries to insist on Linton being just as important to Cathy as Heathcliff, but I can’t buy it.

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  60. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!! I just spent $500 at the vet to try and cure this. My Golden was prescribed antibacterial pills. While the initial rash went away with that, another one came 10 times worse. It never occurred to me to use peroxide. When I applied it, there was a ton of “fizz” and after it dried, (sorry this is gross but hopefully it will help others) for the first time, I saw puss starting to come out. I also used a cone/caller to prevent further licking. Again, thank you!

  61. da..50 % din cei care au votat…macar daca castiga spavarache sa castige si Palar….macar sa fie tacamul complet …:))prefer pe palar la CJ si alt primar decat stavarache…dar nu e posibil 

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  143. Came across your page through a google search. Interesting post, good read. Just wanted to throw in my two cents by saying that I am an Asian female with naturally thick and kinky hair. My bio dad is Asian and has a natural fro. Yeah, lots of asians have “bone straight” hair, but there is also a lot of structural hair variation within the ethnic group. Just as there are lots of Black people with natural straight hair.

  144. 9:50 AM – I haven't read the actual proposal – could you please post a link or summarise where national law is to be taken into account? My concern is that, at the moment, national infringement laws are largely based on the CPC (at least to my knowledge). However, this has not stopped different EU countries adopting completely different approaches to infringement, even when they both take the same document (the CPC) as their basis, e.g. UK purposive contruction vs. German doctrine of equivalents. Does the latest EU proposal deal with these differences in approach? The UPC agreement (from memory) does not.

  145. 韋家輝本來不是「另類」,只是他自封為另類,就像杜琪峯、劉偉強,最近都覺得他們自己與別不同。最令人印象深刻的「經典」電視劇集有很多,起碼還有《九陰真經》、《輪流轉》、《山水有相逢》、《發現灣》、《天蠶變》、《蓋世豪俠》…….實在不能盡錄。另:登徒已寫了一篇二千多字的《神探》影評。

  146. So yes, God initiates.  We surrender.  We confess with our mouths and believe in our hearts (Romans 10:9-10).  Our God saves!  This the beginnings of our relationship.  Eternity secure, desires changed from the inside out, and growing to be more like Christ.  And speaking of growing, my friend Holley Gerth has a wonderful post about growth on her blog today…

  147. ( ) jeśli weźmie się pod uwagę sugestie, że Ryszard C. prpnaododobwie cierpi na chorobę psychiczną ( ) . Nie dało się już chyba lepiej wyrazić, że to tylko domniemanie i sugestie! Napisanie tego zdania inaczej mogłoby sugerować, że Ryszard C. na pewno nie jest chory psychicznie. A takiej pewności nie ma. Tekst wpisu jest tak skonstruowany, aby nie opowiadał się po żadnej ze stron. Przynajmniej takie było założenie.

  148. It’s a shame. Yamabuki has long been one of my favorite restaurants at the resort. The prices didn’t seem out of line to me. If anything Yamabuki delivered a better meal (“dining experience” if you must) for the money than most/all the restaurants at the resort. Napa Rose, Brennen’s, Tortilla Joe’s, and Uva are all good, but not exceptionally so considering their high prices. Yamabuki was always excellent.

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  152. Mmm – I think if you need advice that leaving your car running when you are not in it is a bad idea, then you probably don’t deserve a car in the first place………good grief! What is the world coming to? Next we’ll be told its not a good idea to stick your hand in a fire……

  153. he was going to call my father at work. I told him that my father was middle weight champ US Army 1943 (true). He beat the champion of English army (true). That if my father thought I was wrong he would beat me half to death. That if he thought you, sir, were wrong he’ll beat you half to death. The dean never called, sent me back to class and said he did not want to have to see me ever again.

  154. That would be a fascinating show, too bad they don't broadcast it here in Finland – at least yet. But thank you for telling the highlights of those two interviews, the facts were really interesting 🙂 Have a lovely week! (hugs!) xoxo <3

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  160. Derek-I’m really curious about the A33 image quality and performance, too. It’s quickly moving to the top of the list of cameras I’d like to review next. There’s no doubt that it’s better than the A100 since the A100 is over 4 years old now and Sony has been making some of the most innovative cameras on the market in the past couple of years.

  161. Reply to "fritz"Why stop at sendindg your son (he still a child at 12)through bear country and swimming in shark infested waters. Why don't you just TEST HIS LUCK AGAIN and send him by ALL by himself wandering the streets at the wee hours of the morning through the City of Compton ,California? See if he has what it takes. GOOD PARENTING SKILLS .Ask the girls Parents whose daughter got mauled by a bear by riding a bike through "BEAR COUNTRY" how they feel now.

  162. Something I have not shared is that my father was an amateur photographer in the early part of the 20th century. I still have some of his equipment. This was well before I came into his life! I do have boxes of his photographs. One day I may have the talent to do what you are doing!

  163. what a bummer to have to frog all of that work. but i feel your pain, after working on a vest for my son for a few weeks, i am just so unhappy with it, i am frogging it and doing something completely different. the sock you are working on now is stunning!

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  169. Peter Joseph’s really opened my mind and I agree with pretty much everything he says, but there’s one thing that confuses me. He says people’s behaviour is all based on their culture. How would you explain someone like Jeffrey Dahmer, who was never beaten by his family and never a witness to murder or extreme violence? Maybe I haven’t completely understood his point. If so, could someone explain?

  170. admin / Yes, there IS a conspiracy to dumb us down, poison us and kill us. If anyone doubts this, they aren’t paying attention…The Good News is that the increasingly desperate measures adopted by the FDA and Big Pharma to try and suppress natural cures amount to an explicit acknowledgment that NATURAL CURES WORK!

  171. Hi Jamie. So happy to hear that your latest MRI results didn’t show any new growths! Also very happy to hear that you and Meme are going to be grandparents again soon. That must put a big smile on your faces for sure. Hope things continue to go well for you all. Remember there are a lot of us out here thinking of you both. Will keep you in my prayers. Hugs to you and Meme

  172. If it’s not abig deal then why did you paint him as a flipflopper? It’s a very big deal and you know it. Please Fred…you know exactly how to choose your words and your reasoning behind those choices. The primary is coming and you need something to sink your teeth into and start a-skewin”…

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  174. Charlie, Dude, Really….The link you provide goes to your site, yup, there’s a link to Rense’s radio site. A multi-colored text, 12-year-old looking site that’s impossible to navigate. Can’t we get some more of why we subscribed to your channel here? Your stuff is very good and very much appreciated. While you may ‘recover more costs”, on the radio show, you are going to lose a LOT of listeners/subscribers trying to figure out that abortion of a website.Just MHO.

  175. DC, once again excellent work. Thanks, again, for standing up for science. I honestly do not know where you find the time and energy to keep at this.Now we wait….I for one am not holding my breath. The deniers have zero accountability, zero integrity, zero conscience, and zero honor. I wish that were not so, but their actions repeatedly show that to be the most plausible explanation of their sadly lacking ethics.Yet the media continue to fawn upon the mendacious deniers.

  176. Its easy to decide, you put them in the friends group if they are people you would share anything with, you leave them in the work group if they are people you want to restrict.I think your thinking of the circles as defining the friendship, its not, its just do i want to share this with that person or not.Maybe im missing something, it seems perfectly natural to me, but im 28, so i may be of a different generation from the way your talking.

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  178. Health care is not … Health care is not a right. Corporations, amde up of people and employees and investors, have the right under our Constitution to make a profit. Its called working for what you get. Get off your lazy and pay your own way instead of looking for a big government tit or reaching into my wallet to pay for your lazy ass.

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  184. I also have a definite weakness for stationery and books – mainly books, in my case. I’ve bought a lot of books for myself in the last year, but right now I’m trying to finish reading the unread ones and then get rid of some of my old books before I buy any new ones. I also think I should start tracking my life more (finances and other areas) and checking up on my goals every month. I like how focused you seem with this. Good luck!

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  197. I agree. The right-wing propaganda machine, while fighting healthcare reform, tried to convince people that there would be “death panels”. Those death panels did and do exist in the offices of insurance companies not the government. People accept from the private sector what they fear from the government. I also agree that insurance is a secondary problem to the out of control costs of direct healthcare. But gee, the free market will take care of it. Right?

  198. My friends and I have experienced this same treatment at both Fubar and 606. In both cases, we were a mixed group of young adults and my non-Black friends were admitted without any drama (of course in both cases we all left as a group and decided to spend our money/time elsewhere ). Also, in both cases, there was a police officer at the door alongside the bouncer/doorman–and in both cases the officers stood by and allowed this racism to happen….shameful…

  199. …And I was all set to vote for Romney, until kay got me all straightened out with her well reasoned post……7:31 PM""""Thats it for me too. I am going to renounce my citizenship, join the communist party, become a transtesticle drag queen, buy me some Che tshirts, quit my job, sign up for welfare, find me a gay lover to sodimize and hand out vouchers in my neighborhood for free abortions to all 12 year old girls.KayInMaine has made me see the light with her well reasoned, thoughtful and grammatically perfect argewmint.

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