What do you do with your pictures?

I was once asked, “What do you do with your pictures?  Do you just keep them on your computer?”

That made me think for a minute.  Hmmmmm?!?!!!

I was telling the person how much Annette and I enjoy photography.

  • How we take vacations in picturesque places just to capture the pictures. 
  • How no one else would enjoy our vacations because we just drive around and stop when ever we see a photo opportunity.
  • How we take Sunday drives just looking for pictures.
  • How we enjoy doing portraiture.
  • How we enjoy photography workshops and classes.
  • Etc., etc., etc.

But…What do I do with my pictures?

I have over 20K pictures on my computer. Is it a waste if no one else sees them?  (It’s probably less embarrassing if no one else sees 99% of them!)

Annette and I have done a small handful of weddings.  For most of the weddings we have created an album for the couple and then we create a photo-book.  Each photo-book we have created, we have ordered a copy for ourselves.  You would be surprised how many times we have shown those books around!

We also belong to the Harrisburg Camera Club, which has a projected image competition.  Now that is what I like to do with my pictures!

Two years ago Annette put in pictures for the first competition of the season and I didn’t bother.  But I went to see the competition and I was hooked.

At the competition, the photos are projected onto a screen.  A score is given and the images are critiqued.  It is an amazing opportunity to learn!  (Now I know all about convergence!)

There is a points race.  The scores are totaled for all of the competitions for the club year and the person with the most points gets a blue ribbon and bragging rights!

This year there will be six monthly competitions running from October to March.  Each club member can submit up to two images each month.

The club year runs from September to summertime.  We have had the October Competition and it is time to submit the images for the November Competition.  Here are my submissions:

What do you think of them?