Washington at Night

Annette and I have not been very active with our photography since the big trip to Death Valley at the beginning of December.  But in January we took two trips to Washington, DC.

The first trip we were showing some of the mall to some friends.  We went to the National Air and Space Museum on the mall.  We didn’t think that we would have and opportunity to go anywhere else, so we didn’t bring our big cameras.  The only cameras that we had were our cell phone cameras.  What were we thinking!!!

After the Air and Space museum, we stopped to see Albert Einstein and then walked over to the Lincoln Memorial.  It was dark out and we saw some great shots, but cell phones cannot do the shots justice.  We decided to come back the next  weekend better prepared.

When we arrived we found parking on Constitution Avenue near the Lincoln Memorial.  The plan was to go over to the Jefferson Memorial and then make our way back past the Lincoln Memorial.  It didn’t quite work out that way.

By the time we got to the Jefferson Memorial, the sun was down and the light was almost gone.  We didn’t get many shots with color in the sky.  So we went to work on night time shots.

For this first shot, I was over on the side of the building and included some of the front entrance columns.  I din’t know how much trouble I would be in if I moved the little sign.  There were a couple of Park Rangers patrolling the memorial.  But in retrospect, I should have moved it.

Can you see the silhouette of the couple?

For these next two pictures, I was shooting for symmetry.  
I had to wait a few minutes for people to get out of the first shot.  You can still see a partial person beside the column.  Hey, they have just a much of a right to be there as we did!  This is another one where the sign needs moved.  Next time I’ll send Annette up to put the sign behind the column and then put it back when we are done.

It’s amazing how the architects also like symmetry.  I moved to the center and found that the seam in the concrete was right in the center.  I didn’t have enough time to wait for all the people to leave, so I had to accept them in the picture.  See the flash going off?  Was that guy taking a picture of me?  I wonder if I cluttering up his shot.

At our camera club, the next competition has the theme of “Reflections”.  So Annette and I were conscious of the reflections in the Tidal Pool.  Annette has a very similar image that I think she is going to use for the competition.  Notice how clear the air is and how still the water is.

From the time that we took the picture above and walked around the Tidal Pool to the Washington Monument, the air went from seemingly clear to very foggy.  See the image below.

You don’t get much opportunity to take foggy pictures, especially at a location two hours from home.  So we decided to experiment with the fog.  We got a couple of pictures of the Washington Monument and then moved to the World War II Memorial.

By the time we were done with these shots it was 9:00 p.m. and we still had a two hour drive to get home.  So we decided to leave the Lincoln Memorial for another day.