Troy, All Boy and a Great Joy!

We had been on hiatus from taking people pictures.  However, Annette is again very interested in taking pictures of people.  As you saw in a previous post, we had a great time taking pictures of Elizabeth in her bridal gown.

This past weekend, we took pictures of Kathleen & Troy and again it was a great time.

Troy is a beautiful little three-year-old boy whose real name is “Troy, the Joy”, because he is such a great kid to be around!  When we first got to the park, Kathleen told Troy to give Annette a hug.  So Troy comes running full speed at Annette and throws himself into her, throws his arms around her neck and squeezes.  At that point, Annette was in love!

Troy has an active imagination.  He was searching the woods looking for dragons and monsters.  At one point, he intensely said, “Shhhh!  Do you hear the monster?”  It was great.

Troy also had great energy combined with great curiosity.  He searched the creek bed and all along the path.

I would love to adopt him as a grandkid!

Let me show you this great kid!

The picture above was when we first arrived.  Although he had given Annette a hug, he wasn’t quite sure about that huge camera she was carrying around.

Hey, Troy!  Give your mother a kiss!
He did kiss his mother, but then he wiped it off!

Emerging from the enchanted forest.

I know there is a dragon out there somewhere!!!

A momentary pause.

These leaves were made for throwing!

I’m gonna get you with these leaves!

You can’t get me!

The Dragon Slayer

A boy in his glory!