Springtime in the Outer Banks

Annette and I just finished a photo workshop in the Outer Banks.  Our fine art photography has grown so much this week.  I hope to put up several pictures over the next few days and tell you a little about them.

Here is the first one:

This is kind of backwards.  This picture is from the last day of the workshop.  We’ll get to the earlier pictures later.  (hmmmmm?)

This morning, Annette and I crawled out of bed ( we sure didn’t leap out of bed!) at 4:45 this morning so that we could meet our group and go out on the dunes and to the ocean  by sunrise.

While I was there it occurred to me to make an abstract.  We have watched one of our fellow camera club members do abstracts, but we never had a situation where it appealed to us to do it.

However, here in the workshop, we were far from the daily rat race and we had let go of some of the inhibitions, so both of us tried for abstracts.

I just took the camera in my hands and chose settings that would give me a relatively long shutter time.  In this case I think it was about 2 seconds.  I pointed the camera at the beautiful sunrise over the ocean.  Then with the shutter open I moved the camera back and forth, left to right.

The result is this gorgeously soft transition of sunrise colors.

I hope this is a picture that people stop and study and then just enjoy the mysterious emotions that they feel in response to the image.

Let me know what you think!

Look for more pictures from this workshop in the coming few days.