Shadows and Light in Harrisburg

This past Sunday, Annette and I joined a group from the Harrisburg Camera Club on a photo shoot in downtown Harrisburg.  Annette and I were running behind so we joined the group after they had made their way up State Street and were moving toward North Street.

It is difficult for me to see pictures of the city.  I guess I can’t see the forest for the trees?!?!?!  So I choose to concentrate on details.  You’ll see what I mean in some of the photos below.

We were lucky on Sunday in that we were on North Street at the right time of the day at the right time of the year so that the sun was in line with the street and raked across the front facade of the buildings.

Here are some pictures from the outing.

In the picture above I was trying to capture the shadows of the vines and the tenement appearance of the building (my apologies to the owner of the building!).

 In this picture, the sunlight was almost parallel to the surface of the grate.  The damaged part that was pushed out, caught the light and created a shadow.  With the light raking along the surface, even the small flakes of paint cast a shadow.

Can you imagine what this is???  It’s a mundane object.  But isn’t it cool the way the light rakes across the object and the little bumps cast long shadows?

I think everybody at the photo shoot took a picture similar to this!  But the light was so fascinating!  I liked that the sun was just hidden by the wall and created a glow around the edge of the building.  I like the way the sun was almost parallel to the ceiling and painted it with a special light.  I liked the way the texture of the stones in the column cast shadows.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Until next time…