Piers at Sun Rise


My brother and his wife rented a house in Avon, NC in September and they invited Annette and me to join them.  So we went down for a few days.  It was great!  We were able to do a lot of things:

-Take sunrise pictures of piers

-Ride the ferry to Ocracoke and back

-Take sunset pictures of Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

-Walk on the beach at night

But this blog is focused on the first one.

So, Annette and I got out of bed early (way too early for me!) to go make images of Piers on the Outer Banks.  Maybe someday we will be able to shoot piers at sunset if we ever make it out to the West Coast!

This first image has the sun peeking around the Avon Pier in Avon, NC.  I haven’t done much shooting directly into the sun, so I took that as a challenge that morning.


The Sun Peeking through the Avon Pier at Sun Rise

The Sun Peeking through the Avon Pier at Sun Rise

While we were shooting at the pier, there weren’t many people around, but there was this one young (adult) girl who was also out there shooting.  Annette talked to her and I joined the conversation.  She is from a town near to the Outer Banks and comes down many weekends just to get sunrise pier shots.  She showed us some images on her cell phone that were very impressive.  I think it is her dedication to working on and focusing on a particular subject or aspect of photography that allowed her to excel.  Maybe there is a lesson in there!

On this next image, which was taken at the Frisco Pier, I tried to hide the sun behind the pilings so that the sun would not be blown out.

Frisch Pier at Sun Rise

Frisco Pier at Sun Rise

These next three images are of the Frisco Pier.  The first two were from slightly North of the pier and the last is South of the pier.

Frisco Pier in the Outer Banks

Frisco Pier in the Outer Banks

Friso Pier between the Pilings

Friso Pier between the Pilings


A segment of the Frisco Pier that was still standing in September 2015

The last image was actually earlier than the others.  The sun was not yet above the horizon.  I love the way the colors and gradients are so smooth.  In the two pictures above this one, you can see that the sun is already up and that the light is already much more harsh.

The Frisco Pier was difficult for us to find, for some reason.  We drove up and down the main road a couple of times before we finally found it.  We had asked a couple of people where it was and they all said, “You can’t miss it!  Just look for the…”  But we could and did miss it!  Luckily we found it the afternoon before and scouted it out.  So we could drive directly to it in the twilight before sunrise.