Photography Opens Doors

Did you ever wonder where your electrical power comes from?  How it is controlled?  Wouldn’t it be cool to tour the power plant?  Wouldn’t it be cool to have your curiosity satisfied and increase your knowledge of your world?

Maybe if you knocked on the power plant’s front door and asked for a tour, they would give you one.  But, sometimes, I think the door is opened faster and wider if the camera club knocks on the door and asks.

Well, the local photography club did contact the power plant and we were able to have a tour of the plant and take some very interesting pictures that otherwise would just not be possible.

Her’s a sample:

Power Plant-5295 Power Plant-5293 Power Plant-5291 Power Plant-5280 Power Plant-5276 Power Plant-5264

I have mentioned “Simplify and Isolate” in previous posts.  These images are also examples of this concept.

Each of these images are simple compositions.

The main subject or focal point of each image is isolated from extraneous objects by framing (Choosing what to include in the frame and what to leave out.) and by contrasting focus (The subject is in focus and the background, by contrast, is out of focus.).

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