Pennsylvania State Capital Rotunda

At the camera club, several members had exhibited images from the Pennsylvania State Capital Rotunda over the years.  They all looked so beautiful.  The capital must be beautiful.  And they kept telling me that you could just walk in and take pictures.

So one weekend this year, Annette and I joined up with another couple and went in to see for ourselves.

I have to tell you, it was beautiful!  All of the architecture!  All of the gold!  All of the ornateness!  Just beautiful!

And it’s true.  You can walk right in (through the obligatory metal detector) without charge.  (Well…Your PA taxes are your entry fee!)  Unfortunately, when congress is not in session, you are limited to the rotunda.  You cannot go wandering down the halls.  But they did allow us to take our tripods inside.

All though, if you are there at the right time, there are two tours of the state capital on each weekend day.  The tours take you to the gallery for the house of representatives and the gallery for the senate and actually take you into the courtroom for the Supreme Court of PA.  Along the way, they give you a lot of information on the building.

Here are a couple of images from that trip.

Lukens Mill-7824

Lukens Mill-7775

Look at the gold! Lukens Mill-7793

There were original paintings in each arch in the hall way and all over the place!

Lukens Mill-7754

Lukens Mill-7751

Lukens Mill-7750

The rotunda ceiling was intricate and beautiful, whether in black and white or in color.

It was tough to line up the camera to get a symmetrical image!  I had to get down on my knees and look up through the viewfinder!

Lukens Mill-7817

During the tour they told us that the Pennsylvania State Capital is one of the most ornate, most beautiful capital buildings in the country.

If you are in Harrisburg and you get a chance, it’s worth going to see it and taking the tour.

Where to next?  Where is our next photo shoot?