Oregon Vacation: Vista House

At the beginning of May this year, Annette and I took a vacation in Oregon.  One of the major attractions for me was the Columbia River Highway.

It’s hardly a highway at all.  Just a two lane road winding up and down and in and around along the border of the Columbia River and the Cascade Mountains.  However, it was built in the 20’s and 30’s, so maybe it did qualify as a highway back then.

Anyway, one of the first stops for us on the highway was the Portland Women’s Forum Point.  We never did get the whole story on that name!  The important thing is that the view from that point was fantastic.  You can see the river (obviously!).  And you can see the mountains coming down to meet the river.  Sometimes, the mountains come down a (more or less) gradual grade to the river.  But, sometimes it’s a shear drop off.  Here are some images to show what I mean…

Vista House-3628


Vista House-3615

These first two images are from a high vantage point, i.e. The Portland Women’s Forum Point.  The next picture was from a pull off on the highway (a real highway, not the Columbia River Highway) below.

Vista House-3851,

Hey!  What is that interesting building, high on the cliff?  It looks like a temple or some fantastic, special, wonderful building.  Let’s go over and see it.  It’s got to be great!

Vista House-3357

Vista House-3339

Suffice it to say, we were disappointed.

The building is an art deco building built back in the 20’s when the highway was built.  It is an interesting building and it gives you a great vista up the river.  But don’t look too closely or you will realize that it is a rest area.  Yep.  It has a gift shop, an upstairs balcony for views and rest rooms!