1. It seems that everybody in America has a gun except me. Since none of my FN peeps has offered any advice, I am now leaning toward buying a gun for under $50. That seems relbsnaoae to me.Field, thanks for NO help.

  2. This has happened often in the UK with a disease called myalgic encephalomyelitis or ME. That’s recognised by the WHO on the basis of the work of distinguished doctors in the UK, but in the 1980s a psychological theory took hold and some doctors now refuse to believe ME exists. What happened to Elizabeth Wray has happened to many children in the UK with ME. See the film .

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  5. Jordan,Parfait, ton lien est ajouté. Pour ton commentaire… « wow » : tout à fait d’accord mais difficile de convaincre avec ce conseil, non ? Tu as quand même mis des mots sur un point essentiel, peut-être un point que trop de communicants et annonceurs ont tendance à oublier. J’ajoute ton conseil, merci pour ta participation

  6. agree that the six yr rule really comes out from nowhere..but a patent not being challenged is considered a positive in most jurisdictions. Validity is a question of fact..but a patent being long standing and unchallenged has the advantage of the ‘presumption of validity’ argument..which is crucial for interim injunction. Unlike TMs there is no presumption of validity merely by virtue of grant of the patent.

  7. ) we didn’t think about non-accident expenses so the tire was not covered… what’s worse is the policy was we had to replace the tire on the car (convertible mind you!) with an original tire to match the others. So $250 later for repairs that car was SO expensive. I’m glad you had good luck on your honeymoon! And thanks for your additional comments Russen!

  8. > Michèleje crois que c’est une variante de la loi de Murphy, selon laquelle quoique l’on entreprenne, cela ratera : en bonne logique, si on veut vérifier cette loi (c’est à dire si l’on veut prouver que toute expérience est vouée à l’échec), on n’y parviendra pas, car cette fois-là, l’expérience réussira (confirmant ainsi, paradoxalement, le postulat…). D’où : le pire n’est jamais sûr…

  9. Well,you just have to say:”Hey guys! You know, I was there in Poona during the 70′s!” when you meet those young spiritual rainbow freaks who have read some book from Osho….you will have an “Ooohhhhooo!!!!!”,and then sit down and start to tell your story about the old magic times…..like a good hippie grandfather should do with his hippie grandchildren.Just be aware that when you arrive to the point of Rolls Royce and all the rest,they will start to turn up the nose….but,well, this shouldn’t be a problem for you.

  10. My diet has not changed and I am now on insulin twice a day. Since being on insulin I have gained 10kg. My daughter eats lots of junk food, never exercises and she cannot gain weight she is so thin people are shocked if she puts on swimmers. I have been trying to lose weight for 30 years, I eat healthy and exercise.

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  12. Hi Jane,Not blessed with any children as yet so I’m covering the holiday period at work whilst my colleagues are off! I am however looking forward to some long weekends at my mum’s on the east coast of England and counting down to a trip to the US in the autumn!

  13. you should tell him, if ya’ll arnt friends, or that close of friends anymore, then you really have nothing much to lose. im sorta in that situation also. but my dude has a gf. so just let him know. if he liked you before then the spark should still be there

  14. WHAT. I always assumed that photo was of you. I don’t even know you anymore…Along the lines of Broom, I’ve been called a chapstick lesbian (lipstick lesbian that dresses a little more comfortable) but it was by a straight girl so I’m not sure how credible my source is…Reminds me, a kid I was working with told me that she’s stemme – in between a stud and a femme.

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  21. Murph: I second that for smells. There’s a certain non-aerosol shaving lotion that I used on a 4-week work trip to San Francisco, 10 years ago now. I occasionally buy it now, but any time I smell I’m taken straight back there. The smell then evokes memories of foods, like the cream-cheese bagel I would have every day on the way into the office.

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  23. This is my personal preference as well, TUS. However, there are many non-religious liberals who do not want to give up the word marriage and don’t think religions should be able to keep the word to itself. Obviously, the actual word marriage has a lot of meaning for a variety of people.

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  26. Sabe que não concordo consigo?Não me parece que os rituais necessitem de racionalização: quando se pretende tomar a “explicação” – dada apenas a quem faz a pergunta e por vezes inventada na própria altura – pelo verdadeiro motivo, podemos incorrer em erros grosseiros. O banho “é santo” e a galinha “tem de ser preta” porque é assim mesmo “que deve ser”.Não deveremos encarar o lado afectivo (e portanto, na minha humilde opinião, sagrado) como o objectivo principal e as curas milagrosas como meras justificações?

  27. Favorite gun for poachers around these parts is the .22. Some go for the magnum, but the bulk are Marlin and ruger autos.My thinking is that if there is a real threat, I want a 20 guage pump loaded with 6 shot. Pump to warn them and the 6 shot makes a hole about 1 foot around out to 30 yards.

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  31. Not one, but TWO lightbulbs went on for me when I read your comment. Starting from the end and working backward appeals to my problem-solving nature. Plus, actually drawing out scenes — since I think I am a visual person– sounds like a great idea. I think both of these techniques would help me too– so thanks for sharing them!

  32. I m not hateful at all towards Kandee.The persona she portrays on youtube is wonderful!BUT I am not naive either and I know that what we see on youtube could be very different in real life. People can be whoever they want to on a recording.I dont think criminal charges and child services get involved for no reason.How would you feel if in a couple days you say more news articles about Kandee saying shes guilty and is going to jail?I hope that doesnt happen but we dont know it may

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  35. Great points. I think too many people, though, let the pain and consequences push them away from God. One of my favorite passages in the entire NT is Romans 2:4- “…the kindness of God leads you to repentance.” I love that! Not God’s anger, not His wrath, or judgment, but His kindness that draws us to Him. I really like your analogy about leprosy. Often, we don’t feel the pain of sin because our conscienses are seared. Pain lets us know we are still alive! Thanks for the nice feedback. God bless you!

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  214. I seem to be agreeing with many others when singing the praises of lansinoh – i remeber finding them when rather close to despair with my first child so it was a must when our second arrived this year. I also have to admit that everyone i know who wishes to breast feed – get a little present in the form of a tube in a bow!!! – and the feedback we recieve from friends is wonderful too!!!

  215. I am getting really frustrated with this site…each time I want to download a pattern I am told that I need to log in yet when I go to that page yet again, I am told that I am logged in….so here it is the end of the month again and another pattern won’t be done…I didn’t worry about it too much over the summer because I had a number of other things that had to be done however that doesn’t mean I didn’t try to get access. Any suggestions?????

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  228. Hi Meaue. I like the idea of shorter, simpler books, but I plan to continue with the free downloadable PDFs as well. I have written two short PDFs on extracts – and – and I do plan to put together a PDF on the rest of the extracts as well as the preservatives. I just need to find some time. November's my busiest time for craft groups (I'm booked all but one Saturday) and for making my own products!

  229. I am looking forward to going during the festival one of these years. I think I would pick summer. Although both times are absolutely beautiful, I don’t know that I could handle winter! I’ve lost my edge on cold living on a tropical island – plus, I don’t even own a jacket!

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  250. A propos of The Clueless-with-Kids Screwup: I’ve found that with kids I can just ask “Can I get a hug and kiss?” and then when they say no, I’m cool with that, as my spirit is already broken, and at least I’ve preserved their innocence for another few minutes.

  251. I am so sick of the “oh, but it’s actually making fun of it” defense. Bullshit. You can’t make fun of a thing by simply doing a thing, and just because you say something’s a joke doesn’t make it less pernicious. I feel sick to my stomach when I ponder what some these people must think of women and girls, to think pretending to prey on them and rape them is funny.

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