Moving Water

Perhaps silky water on waterfalls and creeks has become cliche.  Maybe.  But during our Trip to the Columbia River Gorge, Annette and I actively sought out opportunities to shoot the water.  I enjoyed doing it and got a thrill from the results.

I wanted to shoot waterfalls so bad that we walked a mile back a path through the woods in the pouring rain.  The disposable rain ponchos were pretty good for a while, but, since the ponchos didn’t reach all the way to the ground, soon the bottom of my pant legs and my shoes were wet.  I hate the cold, wet fabric on my skin!  But we plodded on, in search of the elusive image.

Actually, my favorite image from the trip was one that I shot along the creek that was the outflow from the waterfall.  This was a spot along the trail back to Wachalella Falls.

These two images were taken close together.  I like the ultra silky water of the first picture. But some of my family would have liked a less silky version.  Does it make a difference to you?

Water Moving-3555 Water Moving-3558

Here are some other water shots…

These next three shots are at the base of Wachalella Falls

Water Moving-3590 Water Moving-3570 Water Moving-3566

Something that I learned from this experience…the one good thing that comes from rainy days is the saturated colors.  I am beginning to hope for rainy days for photo shoots! Crazy!

Water Moving-3727

The image above is from Latourell Falls.  I learned another interesting thing there.  While I waited for all of the people to get out of my shot, Annette incorporated a person into her shot of this fall.

This is how it happened:  There was another photographer in front of Annette and he was taking his time getting his shot.  Fortunately, he had his camera on a tripod and he had a photographer’s vest on.  So Annette took advantage of the situation and got a neat shot of a fellow photographer practicing his craft in front of a waterfall.  It was pretty neat.  I’d show you the image, but it is not mine to show!

These last two shots were at Shepherd’s Dell, which is a neat little roadside area with a path beside the bridge leading down to a waterfall.  I needed a wide angle lens to get both the bridge and waterfall into this picture.

Water Moving-3394 Water Moving-3421


Well, I hope you liked these pictures.  I thoroughly enjoyed making them.

And, if you ever get a chance to explore the Columbia River Gorge, be sure to take advantage of it!