Mom at the Grand Canyon and Sedona

Hey! Guess where this first picture was taken! It was interesting that so many people had taken their picture there that the park service actually put up a little post with a platform on top so that you could put your camera there, activate the self-timer and then run and get in the picture. I think I did that with this one. There was another one where a guy waiting his turn took the picture.

There is a picture at the bottom of this post that shows Mom near the edge of the Grand Canyon. Of course, Mom chose a spot where there was plenty of rock beside the path so she couldn’t see into the canyon.

In case you didn’t know, Mom is very afraid of heights. Maybe I get it honestly!

The picture with the white Suburbans was taken after we got back from the hot air balloon flight. Can you pick our Mom? Hint: See what she is wearing in the next picture.

Speaking of the next picture…Doesn’t Mom look so relaxed and peaceful in the hot air balloon? Or is that a death-grip on the side of the basket???

Actually it was a very peaceful ride. There was no wind so we didn’t go far; about 2 miles in an hour and a half! The landing was absolutely marvelous. We hardly felt it when we touched down.

Sorry about the order of the pictures. I haven’t figured out how to use this Blogger, yet.