Manny and a Wide Angle Lens

We have had two additions to our photographic repertoire; A 10-22mm Wide Angle lens and Manny the mannequin (I’m sure the name is not unique!).

Annette has been wanting a wide angle lens for a long, long time.  So, for her birthday, I got it for her.   (There was no surprise here.  I asked her to help me pick it out.)

Yesterday, we were in a hobby and crafts store, I saw Manny and I thought about the photographers out there who have an object that they place in their pictures as they travel.  I thought Manny would be a good object for me.  He is posable, so he might make some cute pictures.

Well, Annette has been busy with work.  She works from home so it is easy for her to return to her work after supper.  Anyway, she hasn’t had the time to experiment with her new lens and I hated to use it before her.  But, today I had some time and waned to try it out.

So I combined the two.  I used the wide angle lens to take some pictures of Manny.

You can see the difference in the zoom with the first two pictures.

You can see that Manny’s posing ability has limits in the last two pictures.

Manny stepping off of the platform

Manny pointing foot and hand

I know it’s been hot, but you’ll never be able to finish that!

That’s one way to cool down!  Hug an iced tea!