Mabry Mill

Just a quick post this time.

On the way home from Florida, Annette and I did not want to spend the whole day in the car.  We wanted to have some kind of photo shoot on the way home.

So we took a detour.  We got off of the highway and drove about thirty miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Along the way we came across Mabry Mill (Mile 176).  The mill was fascinating because of two things for me.

1.)  The water was carried in the wooden troughs for quite a ways.
2.)  The water was used to power three distinct portions of the mill.  There was a grist mill, a sawmill and a workshop.

The light was very contrasty in the late afternoon.  The mill sat down behind the roadway in partial shadow.  So I didn’t get many usable pictures.  Oh, well, I have to learn to quit making excuses!

Here are two pictures from the mill.  I hope you enjoy them.

Mabry Mill

Mill Stones from Mabry Mill