I wish I could do that!

In April, Annette and I went on vacation to the beautiful city of Charleston, South Carolina and the neighboring area.  I will eventually get some pictures up from the trip.

But there were a couple of occasions on the trip that Annette was able to do what I cannot.  She happily and cheerfully approached people and asked to take their picture.  We arrived in the area on Saturday and on Sunday she started.

We were in Waterfront park in Charleston and there were a lot of people out in the Easter finery, including a cute young couple.  Let’s call them Jane and the Seersucker Man!  Jane had on a pretty blue sun dress and her escort had on a Seersucker jacket along with shirt and tie.

Annette had her eye on this couple from the moment she saw them.  Finally she approached them and found them to be great kids, who were very willing to participate in an impromptu photo shoot.  Annette took some pictures with her camera and with Jane’s camera.  You can see an overall shot below.

Jane and the Seersucker Man
After we left them and as we were walking through the park, we saw some young kids doing cartwheels.  Annette talked to them and got pictures of them and their cartwheels.

When we were at Shem Creek, Annette approached a guy who was fishing and took several pictures of him.  The guy was willing enough that, when we were both in the  parking lot, he came up with his email address to make sure that Annette would send him some pictures.

One morning during the week we got up before sunrise and went to the pier on Isle of Palms.  We were taking pictures when this group of young girls came walking by.  It turns out that they were a softball team from upstate New York.  They were taking pictures of each other and Annette volunteered to take pictures of the group with their cameras.  Then she got some shots in with her own camera.  Here is a picture of the arranging of the group.

Softball Team Photo

But, Hey! I got some pictures of people.  It’s just that I did if from afar and did not have to actually ask if I could take their picture.  Here is what I mean…