Hiking Tumbling Run

Today my boys (my sons), Ashley and I hiked up the Trail at Tumbling Run.  It took us about an hour.  It was about 90 degrees and we sweated the whole way up!  Well, yuck!

While we were at the top, we all took some obligatory snapshots.  Winston took some with his phone.  Then Winston said something that resounded with me.  He said, “The pictures on my phone are like a record of my life.”  Ain’t that cool.

I knew exactly what he meant!  When I look back through all of my pictures. I feel that same way.  These are really a record of where I have been.

Well, sort of.  I don’t have any pictures of the day job.  Imagine that!  So I guess it is really a record of all of the great places I have been, which is still a record of the great parts of my life.  The only thing that would have made it better is if Annette would have been able to join us.

So anyway, here are a couple snapshots that are records of where I was today.  They are not artful.  They are a record of one more of the great parts of my life.

This is one tough girl!  She walked up the rocky stream bed in her bare feet!

Our little hiking group.
I’m glad they slowed down enough for me to keep up.

Stupid looks all around!

Once inside the woods, we did not see much of the sky except for this hole in the canopy.