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  3. That’s made my morning!The Marr interview with Caroline Lucas wasn’t as much fun though. Just one question, asked reluctantly (“I must ask you about the big row at the moment”), about the dodgy doings in East Anglia – and that was it. No pressing whatsoever. A very soft interview. (As was the Doogie Alexander one later).   0 likes

  4. “we trusted to let banks calculate their own reserve ratios, it ended up being more than the 10% the American government ***told*** U.S. banks to have” – Again, you’re wrong. That 10% is a MINIMUM not a required amount – did you not know that?. Europe has rates of 3% and lower similar AUS and it didn’t help. You have some pretty big misunderstandings.” just get on with your life, work hard and don’t let the complex politics make you feel worthless.” – Speak for yourself.

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