Flowers and Aperture

Take a look at these two pictures.  Not because they are great.  They are not.  But because there is a lesson in aperture in these pictures.

As I was trying to capture the beauty of this field of clover, I was trying several techniques.  One technique is to use the aperture setting to control the depth of field in the image.  You can see it quite obviously in these two image.

It was evening, right around sunset, so there was not enough light to handhold the camera at f/22.  So I had it on a tripod.  These two pictures were taken without moving the camera.

The major difference is the aperture setting.

The first image obviously was shot at a very small aperture (actually it was f/22).  There is a lot of detail from front to back in the image.

The second image was shot at a much larger aperture.  The depth of field is much smaller.

Which one is better?  That’s not the question!  Which one suits your purpose?  That is the question!