Field of Clover

Annette and I have driven past a field of clover a couple of times.  It was so beautiful that we finally went back with our cameras.  It’s one of those places that have a beauty that attracts you, but once you are there with your camera, you can never quite capture the beauty that you see.

But we tried!  Oh, yeah, we tried a couple of times this week.  Pretty soon the clover “flowers” will be past their prime.  But we failed to capture the beauty for a couple of reasons.

#1 is that we never were there for the right light.  The first time we got there the light was good but it was only 15 minutes before the sun went behind the horizon.  The second time, we went earlier.  The light was good be we were there for only 5 minutes before the sun went behind some clouds and never came back out.

#2 reason is that the beauty is so chaotic.  From a distance the field looks like it is covered in a layer of red.  However, from up close there is just too much detail.  Yes, I know we can use depth of field to control some of the detail.  Yes, I know you must isolate your subject.  But it just wasn’t working for us, well at least for me.  Maybe Annette has great images, I don’t know.

 This first image is what attracted me to the field.  It was just a beautiful sea of red clover.  At least it was when I was going 55 mph!

This second picture is my attempt to simplify and isolate a portion of the field.

We will have to keep going back until we get some “keeper” images!  I hope the clovers last that long!