Elizabeth Spinning

It’s always great to work with a subject who is willing to try things that may be slightly outside of her comfort zone.  Elizabeth was just such a person.  She was willing to try anything that Annette suggested.  (Annette is the one with the ideas.  I’m lucky to be allowed to follow her around!) Elizabeth tried anything from hugging a lamppost with weird paint, to climbing into a window, to spinning to get her skirt to twirl!
Here are a few pictures with the twirling skirt.
I takes a little bit of effort to get the skirt to swirl in a pleasing pattern and then the photographer has to be coordinated enough to catch it at just the right moment.  You’ll see what I mean in this sequence.  The first one is an “almost”, but not quite.  I like the other ones.  There were a lot of “misses” in between.



Notice the blue Adirondack chair in the background!


This one is my favorite, although it still needs a little work.