Elizabeth and the ’57 Chevy

Annette and I are very lucky.  Let me show and tell you what I mean.

Annette has a friend whose daughter, Elizabeth, is strikingly beautiful.  This girl got married in September.  We were guests at the wedding, not photographers.  But, when Annette asked her if she wanted to do a photo shoot with her wedding gown, she jumped at the chance.
So, yesterday, Annette and I were at a local college campus shooting Elizabeth in her wedding gown.  Normally, that would have gotten several quizzical looks, but the looks were toned down just a smidgen by the fact that it was Homecoming for the college and there were a whole army of girls in fancy dresses.  (Yes, I know that a fancy dress is not a wedding gown!)
So there we were going from one location on campus to another, when we ran across a beautiful 1957 Chevy Bel Air.  We wanted to take pictures of Elizabeth with the car but it was in shade.  Then alongs comes one of those girls in a fancy dress with her date.  Annette starts to talk to her and soon she yells out, “Hey, Pap!  Can you move the car into the sunlight?”  Wow!
So, Grandpa moves the car out of the shade and into the sunlight and we got several just beautiful pictures. 
I love the way the sunlight lights up the car, Elizabeth and the columns in the background.

I had my long lens on my camera and could not get back far enough to get all of the car  (including the fins!) and Elizabeth in the picture, so I had to “settle” for this.
The whole day was such a good time taking pictures of this beautiful girl and chasing the light that is was energizing.  In fact, so energizing that we were up loading  and editing pictures until way past our bedtime!