Day Two – More Single Track Roads and Reeds in a Pond

When we go out shooting for Day 2, we take another Single-track road.

As we wind our way along this narrow lane, we come to an abandoned church.  It was a small church; probably only 20′ x 40′.  All that was left of it were the stone walls.  There was grass growing inside and the roof was completely gone.

Around the church was a cemetery. Oddly enough (at least for us Americans), inside the cemetery were a dozen or more sheep.  No need to pay a caretaker to mow the lawn here!

I have to admit, I struggled with the church.  The other participants were able to come up with images, but I just couldn’t see an image that I wanted to make.  Consequently, I din’t get any worthwhile, artful images.  But, just to show you what the back of the church looked like, here is a snapshot.

Woody's Scotland-8560

Down the lane from the church was a pond.  Now, here, I was inspired.  I love .  I’ve seen images of reeds in water and loved the simplicity and almost graphic nature of these photographs.  Here, in this pond, was the opportunity to make just such an image for myself.

So I changed to the long lens to read out and isolate the reeds.  I wanted the background (the water ) to be as smooth as possible, so I chose a long shutter speed.  The long shutter speed was a little bit of a problem because there was a breeze that caused the reeds to sway back and forth.  Fortunately, I was able to get an image where the reeds were almost still.

As Annette and I looked at my reed images, I tried to imagine a metaphor for the swaying reeds and the fixed broken off reeds.  Maybe it is this:  In youth, a person is flexible.  He is still feeling the wind and trying to discern beauty and truth.  But as that person gets older, his body and his opinions firm up until the winds break the body.

Anyway, here is my favorite image of the reeds.  This image only has a little bit of swaying at the tips of the reeds.

Woody's Scotland-8658

This image almost matches my vision, but not quite.  So, I will keep my eyes open for another opportunity to shoot the reeds.