Day Three – Misty Isles Boat Trip

Day three and another beautiful day on the Isle of Skye!

This day was an earlier start than the other days.  We had to get over to the town of Elgol to catch a boat to Loch Coruisk.

And Loch Coruisk was beautiful; lots of water, patches of snow on the high peaks, mountains, stream, openness, sunlight and clouds!

Woody's Scotland-8777

From the Shores of Loch Coruisk


Woody's Scotland-8807

Loch Coruisk

Annette and I climbed a little ways up on some rocky hills and I took the shot above.  When we were back down at the bottom, Annette was sitting there looking up at the mountains and said, “It’s hard to believe that we were way up at the top of that mountain.”  And I said, “That’s because we were only up on those low rocky hills.”  She just could not believe that was all the higher we climbed.  I guess it had been a great effort to get where we were!

After the boat ride back to Elgol, the group decided to hang out in the harbor and shoot.  Again, I just wasn’t feeling it.  Everyone had climbed up the hill and was shooting into the setting sun to catch the reflections off of the water.  That’s just not my thing, so I was wandering around the harbor and finally ended up at a spot that was at the top of an area to the side of the boat launch that was fortified with rocks to prevent erosion.  Was just standing there, wondering when we would be going back to the hotel.

Finally, I got so bored that I started looking at the rocks.  Hey! There’s a rock with stripes!  Maybe it will be photogenic!  So, I go over and pick it up and turn it around and around, bu it’s just not that photogenic.

Hey, there’s a white rock that stands out from the rest.  I wonder what I can do with that.  So I pick it up and toss it into a corner of rocks.  Then I roll it to this side and that side.  Then I add another rock.  Eventually, I created a still life that I liked, so I started shooting.  Then I started adding rocks and arranging rocks and shooting.

Finally, I ended up with a couple of rock pictures that I like.  Here they are.  What do you think?

Woody's Scotland-8973

Stone Still Life

Woody's Scotland-8979

Stop Still Life – Point:Counter Point

I put the first rock picture in for critique and the instructors seemed to like it.  I guess that is some measure of validation!