Day Six – Chasing the Light

On Day Six we started driving through the Quiraing Mountains.  The instructors were disappointed.  The light was just not cooperating.

We stopped near the top of a long winding road and waited for a while, but the sun and the clouds just didn’t want to cooperate!

So we kept driving.  We were looking for a place where the sun would poke through and magically light up a spot on the ground.  Still it didn’t happen.

Finally, we ended up at this large pond where we could get reflections of the surrounding mountains.  Let’s see what I was able to come up with…

Woody's Scotland-9712

Woody's Scotland-9702

Woody's Scotland-9694

On the last shot, I was attracted to the way the cloud caressed the top of the mountain peak.  It was weird.  The cloud kept moving and changing shape, but it always stayed at the top of that mountain.  I imagine that the moisture formed into the cloud as it neared the peak and then dissipated as the breeze blew it away.  Then more moisture came along and repeated the process.

You can tell from the colors that the light was gone.  The sun was below the horizon.  But the majesty of the mountains was still visible!