Day Four – Satisfied or Concerned?

Day four took us to a cow pasture with a waterfall.  I love shooting waterfalls.  I love to make the water all silky smooth.  however, Annette and Clayt are not impressed with the silky water.  They prefer that the water be more realistic.  So, I have two waterfall pictures here; one with silky smooth water and one with more crisp water.

Woody's Scotland-9099

The ground in the pasture was very peat-y.  It was very soft and spongy.  And other spots were downright wet!

Woody's Scotland-9171

The real reason that this image has crisp water is because I knew that the cow would not stand still for thirty seconds.  I got several shots in 30 seconds with the cow facing forward, sideways and  back.  Don’t tell Annette.  Let her think that I made this image this way just for her!

Woody's Scotland-9246

I believe that this rocky area in the image above is called Stor and the obelisk-shaped rock on the right is the Old Man of Stor.  We were going to hike up to the Old Man, but there were not enough people in the workshop who were physically fit enough for the climb.  I know I’m not!

Woody's Scotland-9447

I really like this image of Annette.  It was taken after 10:00 p.m.  Several of the workshop participants had gone out into this field to shoot the light on the horizon.  Annette was the last one coming back.  The wind blowing her skirt and the grass adds an interesting dimension.

Woody's Scotland-9448

The higher rocks on the right are the ruins of Duntulm Castle in the far north of the Isle of Skye.

As I stood there contemplating the area, I imagined the lord of the castle, in the castle’s prime, standing in a similar place at the end of a day in June, feeling the wind against him and watching the sun go down.  And I wondered whether the lord was pleased with what was accomplished that day or whether he was worried about the future.