Pennsylvania State Capital Rotunda

At the camera club, several members had exhibited images from the Pennsylvania State Capital Rotunda over the years.  They all looked so beautiful.  The capital must be beautiful.  And they kept telling me that you could just walk in and take pictures. So one weekend this year, Annette and I joined up with another couple …


Lukens Steel Mill

Recently, Annette and I were invited to participate in a photo shoot/workshop at the Lukens Steel Mill in Coatesville, PA.  We were excited because we love to shoot old and abandoned buildings and their contents. When we first arrived, the organizers, who were very familiar with the mill since they were part of the local …


Puerto Rico

Last October, Annette and I ventured to Puerto Rico. First of all, the island is beautiful!  Wonderful Beaches!  Picturesque mountains!  Lighthouses!  Coffee plantations! However, I was not prepared for the narrow roads!  Especially in the mountains!  The first time on these roads can be stressful, especially for me. Anyway, please enjoy the images below.

Black and White – What was he thinking???

You know, some things should be in color and some images should be in black and white. Here’s a small sample that most people would think would be in color, but I have converted them to black and white.  What was I thinking??? What do you think?  I would like to know!  Leave a comment.

Photography Opens Doors

Did you ever wonder where your electrical power comes from?  How it is controlled?  Wouldn’t it be cool to tour the power plant?  Wouldn’t it be cool to have your curiosity satisfied and increase your knowledge of your world? Maybe if you knocked on the power plant’s front door and asked for a tour, they …


Oregon Vacation: Mt Hood

In early May of this year, Annette and I took a vacation in Oregon.  One of the “destinations” for the trip was Mt Hood. In researching for the trip we came across a flight service in the town of Hood River.  This flight service was offering sightseeing flights to Mt Hood, Mt Adams and along …


Waterside Woolen Mill

Annette and I don’t get out to shoot nearly as often as we would like.  So, we are tickled when the location at which we are shooting turns out to be a “target rich environment”.  The mill definitely was such an environment! We joined the Camera Club for a trip to Waterside, PA to a …