1. Wow – it’s so fun and inspiring to see how this issue came together! I love these ben-edithe-scenhs snippets. Thank you for the sneak, and for all you do to inspire us!!Cris Cunningham

  2. That's why pursuing a low intensity conflict has been so successful. It's not a "war", the kind that causes Israelis to suddenly come together. It's political terrorism that exploits left-wing, religious-secular divisions.

  3. May I ask u one Chinese term for egg. I saw this mantou recipe in a Chinese site, but unfortunately I have no idea what 蛋清means. Even google translator can't give a translation. Malaysian mandarin terms sometimes are different than those from China. Hope u can help me with this.

  4. Piano is right- you are still making predictions indirectly. Really, you are not much different that Harold Camping. Go back into the history, in depth to the Jewish culture- something most people don’t do. The problem with end time teachers- aside from the fact most are teaching false doctrine is that they cause division and needless bickering in the body of Christ. Instead of telling people to listen to you- tell them to test everything that comes out of your mouth.

  5. Oh so with the last … Oh so with the last perk on sneak tree it won’t do the combat in and out invisiblity, I wondered why It wouldent work for ages shiz well… thats ruined my fun lol the shadow perk at end of sneak tree is really crap compared to this, any idea how you can unlearn stuff, Or make it work right agin just wondering sinse it use to be my number one ability. Was this answer helpful?

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  7. Oi, eu também li sobre os shampoo.. tambem gostaria de saber, quais que são os mais indicados . Pois já fiz 2 vezes progressiva, mas o meu cabelo ( é quase liso ) , e eu não vi quase nenhum resultado, pois ele tem fios grossos e fios finos então ele fica volumoso … E vou fazer uma progressiva hoje, e quero saber, qual shampoo sem sal eu compro e que será bom… em relação a condicionador, pode usar qualquer um ?aguardo uma ajudinhaa

  8. Ainakaan niissä oppikirjoissa, mitä itse olen katsellut, ei muistaakseni ole asiaa esitetty Majeruksen nykyisen (eikä aiemmankaan tutkimuksen) mukaan, vaan jollain tavalla lyhyesti yksinkertaistaen – siten, että teksteistä on syntynyt ihmisille vääriä mielikuvia.Majerus näytti, että luonnonvalintaa on tapahtunut, ja että valintaa siis tapahtuu jne. – mitä ei oltu kiistettykään. Koivumittarikriitikkojen ongelma ei mitä ilmeisimmin ollut ainakaan pääasiallisesti se, mistä Pandan peukalossa kirjoitettiin…

  9. Buna idee! Merg si eu la un targ in apropiere, de vinuri si gastronomie,o sa beau o stacana de vin (ceea ce nu se va intampla, da ma dau si eu femei viteaz!)si ma gandesc ca-s la ala din Bucuresti, mult mai pe gustul meu! Poate faceti niste targuri din astea si prin provincie!!! Ar fi asa frumosss! Ieri am vazut revista la stand, si sotul voia sa o cumpere, ca avea un interviu cu Florin Chilian! Si i-am spus cine l-a facut, si ca e chiar tare! Ca si in reclama la Dedeman, el voia interviul, mie imi dadea crema!!! R.

  10. True, Obama as president reflects a new dawn, change, unity, etc. He is, I believe, a great man, and going to be a great leader. BUT, are we aware of the spiritual implications of this? Obama is pro abortion rights, plans to lift restriction bans on gay marriages, and restrictions for funding in stem cell research. Look like our generation is entering into a new ‘era’.

  11. No obstante, quiero dejar muy claro que no comparto las manipulaciones y mentiras del PP respecto a este tema.El PP ha oficializado la lengua autóctona de Galicia y de Aragón y hace esa misma política en Valencia.Eso sí, luego nos vienen con paridas como que se rompe España y chorradas por el estilo porque otros hacen lo mismo.

  12. the latter given our case here in Northern Illinios where we only have two companies to chose from because the other state providers do not have coverage (no doc will take them) in this area so there is really no competition (one is an HMO and other PPO)

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  14. "Yes, but I was more wondering whether it is suitable for younger estimates"…Yes. C14 method was initially demonstrated precisely by calculating with great accuracy the dates of historical objects of known age, such as Egyptian and Roman archaeological remains.

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  17. Okay, autum is here, and I have made these pumpkin muffins three times in the last two weeks…i used any excuse to make them for someone!! They are perfect, I added a little vanilla and only had brown sugar for the topping and they turned out great! Thanks again Jennifer! Can’t wait to try another recipe. I try at least one new recipe a week!

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  24. Re extra tax revenues. According to Sharon Bulova, the State gave Arlington the right to impose a meals tax without referendum as part of the package that made Arlington County responsible for its secondary streets. My recollection is that tax at 4% would produce $80 M annually for Fairfax County. Wouldn’t this work for the other counties in Virginia? Cities and towns already have this authority.

  25. At my parish, Father raises the host (and then the chalice) and turns to the left and right while the altar server rings the bell three times, before lowering it to the paten (or corporal). Based on a quick reenactment in my kitchen, I’d guess it’s about 10 seconds. This is in the Ordinary Form, for those keeping score, and the turn is because we have a 70′s era semi-circular church.It’s slow enough for everyone to make an appropriate gesture of adoration.

  26. NSangoma, it's not just Whites who love Herman Cain, Blacks and Latinos love him too. Obama is toast…FINISHED! So, go ahead and use your extensive vocabulary of: MF, FU, and MFU… Typical uneducated dumb liberal Negro. Your family must luv you, if you have one.

  27. As a Minnesotan, one thing I dislike about how we characterize ourselves is the label of ‘Minnesota nice.’ I don’t think we’re any more or less nice than anyone anywhere else. People who have moved to MN say many Minnesotans aren’t Minnesota nice, they are MN passive-aggressive! =) And I do agree with that.

  28. its a scam, its been discussed here before. They charge you anyway, and good luck getting your money back.Although Acai berry has some benefits, theyre GREATLY exaggerated by the people who sell this stuff. Its not some miracle supplement at all. Its not gunna make you lose some insane amount of weight or anything. Diet and cardio are key, theres no way around it or no short cut.All the posts on here saying great acai berry is are just spam posts, ignore them.

  29. Just some random thougths:1. If we’re facing Orlando how would the Magic top brass feel NOW about letting Ariza go?2. Same with WOW if we’re facing Cleveland.3. Blazer fans I think are still thinking “if only Yao went down when we were playing them…..”4. Pistons fans wondering if Dumars took Carmelo instead of Darko — they got a glimpse of what must have been as they saw Billups+Carmelo.5. Will JVG do play-by-play for ABC? Will we hear anything negative about his brother?

  30. scrive:un altro bellissimo articolo che espone una delle polemiche più strumentali e diffuse che abbia mai visto: nel primo periodo che monetizzavo il mio blog qualcuno commentava dicendo cose tipo “non vale, la tua recensione è fatta per guadagnare, non sei obiettivo ecc.” – personalmente ho sempre mantenuto un minimo di livello etico nei miei contenuti, poi ovviamente non sono un giornalista e mi guardo bene dall’esserlo

  31. Why are their no updates to Android and iOS versions? Do they have all of the vunerablities as listed above? Or are they a different code base that gets less attention? Does your code bounty count for finding flaws in these browsers? Also, I'm typing this on a Samsung Galaxy Tab I get little red sqiggly lines when I have misspelled words but no way to access the dropdown for suggested correct spelling.

  32. “Beware of the disservice of ignorance when your fate is already mapped by a fine-tuned oligarch,…?”AKA Homeland Security in USA…They CAN put the screws to you – “one person at a time” is their motto – as bad as they do when launching weapons of mass DISTRACTION – tell me oh great earle :-)what do Blago and Martha Stewart have in common?Funny how elite wannabee brown noses like to shoot down, not up 🙂

  33. The rest of the Steyn piece:So the North Carolina Republicans are denounced as “racists” for being so unenlightened as to bring up the subject of the neo-segregationist hater Rev Wright. Likewise, up north, will never be hauled up for “hate speech” by the PC enforcers of Canada’s “human rights” commissions. But, for quoting what he and like-minded fellows believe, I and my editors are on trial for “Islamophobia”*.All part of life’s rich comedy.(*Here’s a novel wrinkle on my case: I’ve no idea, but given the Canadian Islamic Congress’ of me I’m happy to pass it along just for the fun of it.)

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  36. Any feedback on the service so far? There’s nothing online that I can see. I looked into taking the train to the airport for a weekday mid-morning flight. The only AM trains are at 5:41 and 6:00, and there are no more trains for 12 hours. I know they’re taking baby steps, but I cannot imagine the practicality of this type of schedule. At least we have some service, though. Hopefully they expand it soon.

  37. Sherry – Thanks so much for taking the time to write those very kind words. Sharing feedback like this really does help to give others great insight about what they can expect from the video tutorials. I truly appreciate it. Very much looking forward to hearing more about how your beads and jewelry projects are coming along.

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  39. 看得出來這個回應對兒童、對教育並未有太多的關懷,僅只是機械地反對別人論述的邏輯有沒有問題,但,像“孩子到底何時有自主權”、甚麼時候他們表達的“自願”我們能全然認同,這都是目前為止不清楚的。按:這種回應統稱 Straw Man, 就是當別人論證說「有幾個常見反對 x 的理由,例如 a, b, c, d, e ,都立不住站」,你卻跑去攻擊人對方「你確定大部分人都僅僅只用 a 作為理由嗎」、「看得出來這篇文章對 q 並未有太多關懷」、「一個哲學人不能沒有任何關懷」。另外,甚麼是「抽掉社會關懷的哲學思考」?你講來聽聽。

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  41. LindaI live 300 feet from a school district line that determined where my children went to school. That is the essence of a zoned school system. Do your children go to a charter or other non-zoned school?

  42. Both are bad, but forclosure is worse on your credit and lasts longer. I do not agree with the about.com article posted by the first answerer. Even though it’s hard to imagine, it’s worse to be hit by a train then a bus. The difference between the loan payoff amount and the sale amount is taxable income, it doesn’t matter what your purchase price was.

  43. – Love these Kelly – Gorgeous family and you’ve captured them beautifully! I know what you mean about things not going as planned too. That’s been my experience in SO many sessions this year! But you are SO right. It adds to the beauty and keeps us on our toes. Never a bad thing. 09/24/2011 – 6:59 am

  44. Jamdown,I think the security issue is very important, and the secret service already took the blame for it, in fact, I think three secret service people were put on desk duty, THEY FAILED, and that is serious to me.Also, I hate it when people are called "ghetto", that bothers me, but I guess that is cuz I am white, and it's something white people say way too often, a new code word.

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  49. They aren’t being assisted by Centacare, Facelift.Perhaps there won’t be any issues, but if you’d read the evidence of the transparency bill inquiry then you’d be worried too (or, you would if you thought that anti-abortion bias in non-directive counselling was a bad thing).

  50. Kathleen: Ja, er en litt merkelig dag. Snakket med elevene mine om det, men de var jo bare 1 Ã¥r da det skjedde, sÃ¥ de visste ikke sÃ¥ mye om det. Litt rart, siden vi husker det sÃ¥ godt…Line; Enig. Men jeg stÃ¥r pÃ¥ mitt om at det var jeg som tok det, hehe…

  51. Interesting post. I hadn't heard about the controversy, but I think that inspiration and clarity can come from constructive criticism, so being too sensitive to comments can be stifling to creativity. I love your style; I've never been able to figure out how to layer successfully, and I'm looking at my wardrobe differently now that I've been following your posts for awhile. I'm jealous of your shoe collection!

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  53. Ico, também tem o fato de muita gente aí ser islâmica ou muçulmana. Acontece que o "domingo" dos islâmicos é na nossa sexta-feira; e o "domingo" dos muçulmanos é no sábado. Então que a corrida acaba sendo num dia útil normal para esses caras. Dá pra creditar uma boa parte desse desinteresse local nessa questão.

  54. I have personally been threatened with lawsuits for poaching candidates/departments from companies. I know of several companies in similar businesses in my industry who have “Do not poach” contracts with their competition. There is even a local company that lost 12 of 15 recruiters directly to ONE company in my industry. Finally something on ERE that I can directly relate too…

  55. mah…sara' che la vecchiaia avanza, comunque lo spot celebrativo di Micheal mi ha fatto spuntare una lacrimuccia, per lui che ora combatte con una malattia grave, per me che non ho piu' 20 anni, per quel film (perche' diciamolo il primo e' e resta il migliore) che mi ha stregato e continua a farlo ogni volta che lo rivedo in tivu'. e non mi stanca mai.

  56. LOL, this was great:“Negotiation [without realtors] is replaced by leverage, and valuation is often clouded by an excess of emotion or lack of credible information.”You sure do lay it on thick. Did you honestly keep a straight face while writing that? Sure made me laugh heartily!Glad to know working with a realtor will minimize the emotional factor in a transaction, while maximizing dissemination of “credible information.”“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”

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  60. beliefs. Further, the list of participants were clearly not qualified to speak to uncertainty.All people out of the loop hear, the sound bite if you will, is that the “skeptics” extended an olive branch and are concerned about the science, but were rebutted by those cadre of main stream scientists who claim the science is settled. They then seduced a gullible journalist to print as much in a prominent science magazine. Goal achieved– yet another myth created and yet another speaking point fabricated to rile the frothing mob of contrarians and denialists. Please don’t fall for it.

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  63. I LOVE your blog and check it daily, however, I do not personally buy into the cult like following. Yes, I have my share of boots, wedge sneakers and belts, and the Keni jacket, however, I find her clothing costume like for lack of better description. I LOVE great basics and a few cool accessories to liven them up and that’s when I turn to Isabel. For instance…I LOVE the embellished belt for Spring 2013, but that was it for me!

  64. Update: I made these this evening, and they were really good! Nice and filling, you definitely know you ate something when you’re done So is there a giant cloud hanging over Canada? How can all of us be having the same weather? We’re way over here in BC!

  65. “I’m sure that the Mizrahi had severe conflicts with labor.”Labor, Kadima, Likud and the rest.“You are using the difficult status of the Mizrahi to demonize Israel, NOT to support the Mizrahi.”Stupid straw man argument. I never pretended to be supporting the Mizrahi, I am arguing that the Mizrahi are mistreated in Israel, which is no demonizing Israel but reporting the obvious.Don’t you use terrorism to demonize Hamas?“In that sense, I regard your emphasis as cynically opportunistic.”And we regard you are a pathological liar and propagandist. It’s not as if your opinion carries any weight here Witty.

  66. Hi Kim! Thanks for hosting this each week ~ I've just linked up again. I am sooo loving the industrial carts you featured!! Getting ready for my WEDDING BLOG PARTY on Friday and would really love it if you could join us ~ there will be a giveaway, too!Big TX Hugs,Stephanie

  67. Camilaaa!!! Que lindaaa!! Ameei!! Vou esperar minhas próximas férias para garantir a minha =)Queria aproveitar e dizer que graças ao seu blog eu me tornei uma “super vaidosa” hahahaSem brincadeira, não dava a mínima para makes, era no máximo corretivo e blush. Agora até arrisco um delineado para trabalhar!!!!! A-D-O-R-O!!Beijos amore[]

  68. I'm very happy you all posted this; it takes a lot of the mystery away. Unfortunately, you still have people who want hard numbers, such as "Do I need to have 100K total video views, 1000 subs, etc?" It's not based on a set number, and you clarified that. Each channel is looked at individually. And since you have 10 people on your staff serving over 10K partners, it's a lot of work, so we appreciate you!

  69. Beste Tom,ik heb diverse keren mijn repliek op "Guus.." Dat lukte niet, vandaar die uitvlucht naar andere items. We zullen het maar op een cyberspook houden. Overigens blijf ik volledig achter de inhoud staan. De lemen tussenlaag van "ambtenaren" die in elke sector in Nederland innovatie en creativiteit frustreren moet afgeschaft worden. Of het nu in het bedrijfsleven of zorg of kunst is, deze tussenklasse is alleen bezig met zelfbescherming en als het kan ook aan zelfverrijking.

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  73. I agree with FeeLtheHertZ, this was a really great review, great shots of the vac? in action and the suction, noise and air metering tools was a great addition to the review i had not seen before in any other reviews! i just ordered a recon DC23 from Woot for $199 and cant wait to check it out when it gets here! we have a DC25 Animal upstairs and love it so cant wait to use this one in the basement and on back stairs.

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  76. Hi,I would just like to comment on the issue of rats which is causing a large problem around Underwood Grove. It’s fair enough to ask people to stop feeding the birds as this will encourage the rats to go elsewhere looking for food – but this isn’t really getting rid of the problem is it? This isn’t putting a permanent stop to the rats it’s just creating the problem elsewhere!

  77. , “I guess I won’t be teaching the class anymore. Some of this said that it wasn’t any good.”This kind of criticism is deadly and in this case completely destroyed what little confidence he had.So unnecessary and so wrong.

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  226. I know this is a tangent to this thread, but this is a mistaken accusation of logical fallacy.It's not circular reasoning if there is FURTHER reasoning and/or additional citations in the reference cited. The cited reference may or may not make a compelling case–that can certainly be argued–but if it expands the argument and/or provides additional citations beyond the analysis provided in the work that cited it, the argument is not "circular."

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