Agway in Greencastle

Recently, the local Photography Club was able to get access (at least to the outside of the buildings) to the closed down Agway in Greencastle, Pa.  It was in the evening after work on an overcast day.  The leader said a few words and turned us loose.  Here are some of the images that I cam up with.

At first, I struggled, but, fortunately, I like to make images of old, abandoned things.

I started with some over all shots, but it wasn’t until I started to look close, to find some details, that I started to find really interesting images.

Although 3 of 5 of these images are color, it’s interesting to note that the colors are so muted that they are almost monochromatic.  It seems fitting that old, decaying wood uses colors that are similar old photographs.


Roofline of the Grain Mill.

The old Agway Grain Mill in Greencastle, PA.

The old Agway Grain Mill in Greencastle, PA.


Detail of Stud and Bracing in a wood shed.


Detail of the floor supports.


Detail of the deteriorating floor of a shed where wood was formerly stored.