Day One – Loop Road including Tarskavaig

The first day of the workshop has arrived.  First, we all work on our images from the Eilean Donan Castle and then each of us presents 2 images to the group for critiques.

The critiques are first from the students/participants and then from the instructors.  Part of improving your own work is to study work by others and realize when they have hit the nail on the head and when an image can still be improved.  Throughout the week everyone gave good, constructive criticism without being hurtful.

After the critiques, we loaded up the vans and headed out in the field.  We took a little road that made a loop in the southern part of the isle.

Oh, by the way…When I say little road, I mean little road.  The Isle of Skye is a very rural area.  It wouldn’t surprise me if the sheep outnumbered people!  With few people, you don’t need wide thoroughfares that can handle a thousand vehicles per hour.  So they have Single-Track roads.  The roads are exactly what that sounds like.  They are one lane roads that wind and climb around the rocky, mountainous, inlet-riddled landscape!  Fortunately they have lots of  “Passing Places”.  These are spots where the road is slightly wider to allow vehicles going in opposite directions to pass.  We experienced these single-track roads throughout the Isle of Skye.

Here are some of my favorite images from that day.  You will notice that today was a wide-angle day!

Woody's Scotland-8168

Boats at low tide Wide Angle lens

Woody's Scotland-8335

Tarskavaig – Most of the class was shooting the reflections of the sun on the water because they were practicing controlling for the highlights, but I wanted a shot of the “village”.

Woody's Scotland-8405

I used the wide angle lens to get up close and personal with the sun-lit faces of these rocks.

Woody's Scotland-8468

Nothing is sharp in this image, but I love the sun, the mist and the landscape and I enjoy the painterly feeling of the photograph.